Exterior Construction

Exterior Construction

Black Tie Remodeling can transform your home inside and out. We now offer exemplary exterior construction services, including roofing, siding, windows and doors.

Quad Cities Roofing:

Whether you want a traditional asphalt shingle roof, or a modern steel roof, we have the installers that will do the job right the first time. Black Tie Remodeling maintains the highest quality standards in roofing replacement and installation services. Maybe your roof was damaged by a storm recently, or maybe its simply time to replace it after many years, either way we are here to help. We also perform simple roofing repairs.

Siding in the Quad Cities:

One way to keep your home beautiful without a lot of maintenance is to install quality siding from Black Tie Exteriors. Attractive vinyl siding can add to your home’s overall curb appeal and beauty, while still protecting it from harsh Midwestern weather and other damage. If you need siding on a new home or want replacement siding for your home in the Quad Cities, Black Tie is here to assist you.

QC Windows and Doors:

Replacement windows add value and energy savings to your home. Solidly constructed, aesthetically pleasing windows help keep out the elements and maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. If your home’s original windows are old, they are probably not insulating your home as they should, so contact us for beautiful, quality replacement windows.

Replacement doors from Black Tie Exteriors provide a gorgeous entrance to your home, while also offering superior performance, durability and protection. Whether its an entry door, sliding glass door, or interior door, Black Tie can install a quality product that will add value and beauty to your Quad City home.

Other Black Tie Exterior services include:

  • Roof repair
  • Gutters
  • Replacement Windows
  • Painting and more.

Contact us for all of your Quad Cities remodeling needs. You’ll get Black Tie Service, and Black Tie Quality Products and Installation. Call 309.757.1998


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